Probably the most important thing you will want to know when purchasing sunglasses is which style is going to look best on your. Follow the guidelines below to pick the best pair for you.




A round face shape is about the same width and length with no major corners at the jaw.

- Both rectangle or wayfarer frames will work well for a round face. Choose frames that will sit just above your cheekbones.




Your hairline and jawline are more narrow then you cheekbones and your chin typically comes to a point.

- Oval or cat eye frames will work well for you. Choose frames that are more top heavy.




Your hairline is slightly narrower then your cheekbones and your jawline drops down to a pointed chin.

- Wayfarer, cat eye, aviator, or butterfly shapes will work well for you. Choose frames that will be slightly wider then your forehead.




You have a long face shape. Your hairline, cheekbones, and jawline are similar in width and you typically have a larger forehead,

- Wrap, shield, square or rectangle frames will work well for you. Choose frames that are over-sized or will breakup the length of your face.




The width of your face is almost 1/3 less then the length of your face. Your have no major corners.

- Almost any frame shape will work for you. Try over-sized frames or rectangles frames with soft lines. Aviator, wrap, shield, or square frames will also work for you.




Triangle face shapes typically have a wider jawlines and a narrow hairline.

- Try frames that will accentuate the top half of your face like cat eye or over-sized ovals.




Square faces have a broad forehead and a strong jawline. The jaw, cheekbones, and forehead are similar in width.

- Try a large rounded or oval frame. Cat eyes and butterfly shapes also will work well.